Sunday, December 6, 2009

Tis the season

There really is nothing like the glow of Christmas lights. I get such satisfaction from decorating for The Holidays and sitting back and relaxing in the warm glow of the lights. I just got finished doing my inside decorations and I wanted to share some of them with you, give you a few tips and hopefully make your own decorating experience a little less stressful. Remember as the song says "Tis the season to be jolly"...have fun with it.

This is the tree I do for my living room...and yes it is artificial. I tend to be very controlling in my decorating (I have so there is no way a real tree would hold all of my heavy ornaments and display them the way I want it to. When I assemble the tree I string colored lights on the inside and it is amazing the color that you get from those lights. I like alot of white lights so I outline each branch with lights.

I have been collecting ornaments for a long time. I love mixing different sizes and styles of ornaments on my tree. Dont forget to tuck some ornaments a little further into your tree for added dimension.

This is an inexpensive wreath I found at a department store. I attach it to the mirror with a suction cup and tuck the wired ribbon behind the wreath to hide the hanger and make it look like it is hanging from the ribbon.

This is my dining room table. I filled the blue bowl that I always keep on the table with some vintage ornaments and draped the same ribbon I used on the mirror through the vignette.

To add a bit of glamour I used a jeweled picture frame with my nieces wedding picture in it and a Jay Strongwater box.

During the holidays I remove the china from my china cabinet and display some insexpensive nutcrackers with some Waterford Crystal. Its good to have the crystal handy for drinks during the holidays and the nutcrackers give color to the cabinet when the glasses are in use...cheers!

I use this more casual pencil tree in my family room during the holidays. I usually put this tree up before thanksgiving since the palate is a bit more autumnal and it makes Thanksgiving a bit more festive.

The top of my kitchen tree is a great example of how sometimes more is better. I use 4 or 5 different kind of picks to create a lush and outdoorsy tree topper.

Remember...different sizes shapes and styles of ornaments in the same color palate make for a beautiful tree.

This is the mantle in my family room. I grew up in Pennsylvania so the updated Americana decorations make me feel a little less homesick during the holidays. I wire the same picks, ornaments and ribbon into this garland as I use on the tree to make the room cohesive.

I hope this helps you freshen up your holiday decor this year. Happy decorating!!!!


  1. Beautifully Decorated Kevin!Happy Holidays, Kathy

  2. Very impressive. Thanks for sharing.
    Merry Christmas, Nancy