Sunday, December 13, 2009

Team Rosie

I have a new client named Rosie. Rosie has one of the most positive outlooks on life I have ever seen in a person. The first time Rosie and I met she was with a man named Cookie and his wife Diane picking out fabrics for a sofa and chairs she was having recovered. As we were talking, Rosie was telling me about the remarkable work Cookie has done and is doing in her new house. (I should tell you cookie is neither an artist nor a contractor). Being a cynical decorator I smiled, rolled my eyes and continued with fabric selection. Cut to Kevin eating a great big slice of humble pie. hahahah. Last Saturday I went by Rosie's new house to measure for some window treatments and see the progress they were making on the house. Keep in mind that they have only been working on the re-do for about a week. Im posting some pictures so you can see the remarkable work that Cookie has done so far. With Rosie's permission I will keep you informed of the progress.

Pictures of Rosie's new dining room.

This is the start of the dining room remodel. The ceiling medallion is about 6' wide and looks amazing in person.

Cookie is doing all of the faux work himself too (I told you it was amazing!) The crown will have another member or 2 to make it even more spectacular.

The stencil and faux work give the room a great warmth...and love the painted trim.

I still can not get over this medallion!

This is the start of the family room. I will keep you posted with more of Cookies miracles.

A really cool thing about Rosie is that she calls everyone who does work for her part of her "team" and she has this heartwarming enthusiasm whenever part of her team does something and she sees the beautiful results. Its a real priveledge to do work for someone who has such passion for her project...Im proud to be a part of Team Rosie.

Will update with more photos soon!

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  1. I think Cookie is an artist! That's friggen awesome! You're a good addition to her team Kevin.