Monday, December 14, 2009

Pillow Talk

Anyone who has seen my own home or interiors I have designed know that I am a big fan of pillows. I like to create pillows with matching or coordinating fabrics from a room but I also like to add premade pillows that look like they were "found" or like you picked them up somewhere and they just happen to work in the room. I wanted to show you some of the pillow that are available now so you can see how beautiful and intricate a ready made pillow can be.

These are from a company called Ankasa. They do some of the most amazing detail work I have ever seen. You might be familiar with them from their womens apparel. The next time you are in NY you should check out their store on East 65th Street.

A close up of the Ankasa pillow detail.

I like this pillow because the pattern is casual but they have added crystals to it to give it dimension and a little bit of style.

This is that new greyish-purple that is very popular now. A friend of mine was in europe this summer and said this color is everywhere...Im sure it will be coming soon to a store near you. The pillow in the back is a beautiful burn out velvet. The pillow in the front is another beautiful Ankasa pillow.

These are some chic casual options for pillows. The pillow with the number is made from old tarp canvas that has been painted. The woven stripe behind it is from Dash and Albert...they also do this pattern in a throw and rugs.

The aqua chain embroidered pattern pillow is surprisingly would add a great soft little pop of color to a neutral room. The yellow pillow with it is another beauty from...surprise...Ankasa.

Being a big fan of traditional "clubby" design I love this pillow, it is a screen print on burlap. Burlap is coming in alot of different colors now and we are using it in alot of different applications including window treatments.

I love the bold color in these embroidered pillows from Ankasa.

Guess who the rectangular pillow in the front is from? Thats right another beauty from Ankasa. The pillow in the back has a large damask printed in a metallic ink...a nice bit of drama when the light hits it right.

I dont think a bed could get much more romantic than all white bed linens and this snow white beauty from Ankasa...doesnt it remind you of a beautiful wedding?

Love the color...or lack of...from Ankasa.

Look at that detail...a work of art!


Here are some samples of custom pillows...they can make the difference between a good room and a beautifully thought out complete room.

I told you how much I am enjoying Suzani patterns right now. This fabric was begging to be made into a round pillow.

This is a "boxed" pillow with a beautiful complimenting brush fringe.

A close up of the boxing with...surprise...a complimenting fabric on the boxing.

I like to add a neckroll to a bench or with bedding. This one is done in a tonal crewel fabric with complimenting decorative cord and a fun brush fringe.

just wanted to show the detail on the neckroll. I also like to gather the ends of the pillow and add a pretty decorative button.

This is a simple but beautiful square pillow with a minigram. We added a pleated ruffle made from a heavier upholstery fabric to give it some weight.

I love the upholstery weight fabric on the pleated ruffle...great texture, and the solid cord really defines the lines of the pillow.

This pillow shows how fun it is to mix fabrics and trims on a pillow. The size is great if dont like alot of pillows on your bed or its great by itself on a long sofa.

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  1. These are beautiful, it's so fun to get creative with pillows !