Sunday, July 25, 2010

Heather and Jonathans House

Heather and Jonathan have been clients of mine for a few years, this is the second house we have worked on together. This house is an unbelievable Spanish style on the outside located right off Byrd Park in Richmond. The house was designed by Otis Asbury who designed 3 other houses on the same street. H&J do remodeling professionally and they have done a great job with this one. Unfortunately they are thinking of moving out of state so they have put this gem on the market, if you are looking for a house in Richmond I can promise that you will not see another one like this. Send me a message if you are interested and I will forward the information. I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as we have enjoyed creating this beautiful environment.
This is the eat in kitchen. The french doors go to the logia in the back of the house that you will see a bit later. The large round wooden painted art is a great piece we found from VanThiel and Company. The wine bottle chandelier is from Pottery Barn...I think it works great.
This is a shot of the newly remodeled kitchen. We are debating whether to put a glaze on the cabinets. The color works great for Heather and her vibrant personality but we're not sure if its good for "the masses". The window treatment above the sink has recently become one of my favorites, it has good movement and looks interesting on a longer window without being too fussy.

A close-up of the window above the sink. I love that sassy little ball trim.

This is the main foyer of the house. Because of the size it was pretty much impossible for me to get a good shot of the space. The arched entry goes to the logia in the back yard that you will see in another picture. You really have to see the hand work that was done on the main staircase to appreciate it.

A shot of the other wall in the foyer. I didnt realize it until I looked at this picture but the scale of the room is so large you dont really see how massive the front door The french doors on either side of the front doors are functioning and open up to a beautiful front porch. This house has great flow for a party! and this foyer is a great place for the kids to ride their bikes when it rains!

A picture through the archway of the door that leads to the logia in the back. It is great to walk in the front door and have the natural light and see straight through to the back of the house.

The dining room. I wish you could see this room in person, the blue just doesnt translate as well to pictures. The moulding in this room is incredible and there are built in corner cabinets that hold Heathers collection of Mackenzie Childs. We decided to do a custom painted ball and claw dining table (so you can get the scale of the room when all of the leaves are in the dining room table it seats 14 people) and white painted french upholstered dining chairs. The mirrored sideboard catches the light and really stands up to the strong detail in the room. There are no windows in the room, all functioning french doors...beautiful!

Another shot of the dining room. We did the small roman shades on the doors to add a bit of softness...just enough color.

The living room. The outside of the house is Spanish bit we wanted the living room to feel a little bit Italian. Again all of the openings are functioning french doors, The doors flanking the sofa go out to a covered side porch. Because of the size of the room and all of the light we werent afraid to go heavy and dark on the upholstery.

Another picture of the living room. I love that chandelier from Asia Minor.

A view looking the other way in the living room. The large armoir is the bar. The doors straight ahead go to the sunroom and the doors on the right go to the foyer...look at the box pleating on the silk club chairs...beautiful!

The sunroom. This room has 4 sets of french doors that go to the backyard and a pair of the arched windows. We recovered existing furniture for this room. The fabulous croc leather ottoman is new...if you dont have an ottoman coctail table you need to get one tomorrow, it will be the best purchase you ever make.

Love that lattice fabric on the club chairs. This is where the family hangs out and watches tv so the fabrics had to be pretty and durable...mission accomplished!

This is Sadies room...she is the other lady of the house. Sadie had a wallpaper in her bathroom in the last house that had fun scenes of paris on it, we had an artist paint one of the scenes on the wall in her new bedroom to make her transition a little easier...tres chic!

Another mural the artist painted in Sadies room. My friend Christy designed the valances in the bedroom and we added the cute fabric covered roller shades with a black-out lining for privacy.

This is the logia on the back of the house that you see through the arched doors in the foyer. Its a peaceful place to relax and enjoy the day.

The fountain sounds beautiful when you open up all of the doors on the back of the house, it is lighted so it has beautiful drama at night too.

I hope you enjoyed the tour. Remember, if you're looking for a fabulous house in Richmond this one could be yours! Email me for info