Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Fall Design House at Washington Design Center

The girls from the office and I took a road trip to The Washington Design Center to check out the Fall Design House and take a look at what is new. I took some pictures of some of what I thought were the highlights from the different rooms.

This room is by Beverly Claiborne- I loved the nailhead detail on the chair (we keep saying design right now is all about the detail). I also love the fabric that is framed as art. I think it is JAB and its hard to tell but it has beautiful Swaroski crystals applied to the fabric.

This room is by Lori Ludwick- Its an artist studio... the console is very cool and I like the light fixture that is a tad industrial but still has nice shape.

The dining room was by Christine Hecht Payne. It felt very comfortable. Loved the Brunschwig wallpaper.

The bedroom by Karen Mitrano Snyder. This was probably my favorite room. The wallpaper from Farrow & Ball gave the room a really great warm serenity. Im also loving suzani fabrics right now and I like the cleanliness of the pillows on the bed.

The living room by Brooke Steuart. I have always wanted to see something made up in this leather treatment, the chairs are by Lee Industries...if you have a local Lee dealer take a look at the sample of this, it is a metallic sueded leather that is directional...almost looks like a velvet.

The library by William and Katherine Tarleton. This room also had a great wallpaper from Farrow & Ball (Im so glad people are using wallpaper again!). I loved how they used this mirrored screen as a backdrop for the desk. Very nice drama.

The parlor by Dana Tydings. The wallpaper had a really great warmth and sheen. The fabric on the chairs had a great almost sparkley finish, and the mirror was upholstered...very warm.

The vestibule was also done by Dana Tydings. Cool birch tree wallpaper and the floor was painted with koi fish.

Sports Lounge by Debbie Wiener. The moulding treatment on the ceiling could be used in alot of different applications. Very cool.

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