Thursday, December 10, 2009

alternatives to regular art

Art doesnt have to be a big print hanging on the wall all by its lonesome. Here some examples of some alternatives to basic art that I have used in my own home.

These are antique postcards of Richmond and my hometown of Sunbury, PA that I bought on Ebay. I bought some inexpensive frames from a craft store and framed them with simple black mats. Since they are small I hung them in a group for more impact.

Here is a close-up of one of the framed postcards. This is Market Street in Sunbury, PA.

This is a guest room in my house. I didnt know what to do with this large wall and then I remembered this vintage piece of moulding that had pegs for hanging things from it. I hung some old hats and purses and now it fills the wall beautifully...and has some great interest.

I bought this old piece of stained glass at an estate sale a few months ago. The frame was not very sturdy so I took it to craft store and had them frame it with this great industrial gunmetal frame. I hung it in this window on the stairs...this window gets alot of sun and the stained glass makes a great filter and the sun looks beautiful shining through it.

I bought this old porch railing at an architectural salvage store. I use it as a backdrop for seasonal arrangements I do in an old olive jar.

A few years ago I went to an artist reception for a really great artist named Chris Palmer. I bought this little painted block, its hard to tell from the picture but it only measures about 2" x 3". When I got it home I thought...what am I going to do with this little block? I took it to a craft store and bought a premade shadow box and removed the glass. The man working in the frame shop was nice enough to cut a chocolate brown mat for me, I attached the block with velcro so I can take it out to clean it. I love the result and it has great dimension and impact.

Close up of the block by Chris Palmer

This is a series of bird prints I bought about 15 years ago. My foyer is really open and I dont have much wall space so I covered about every empty space on the walls with the prints...its busy in a good way, very cohesive. Check out my ceramic Christmas tree. My Mother made it for me about 15 years ago, I've carried it around to 6 different houses and it is still in one piece!!!! It is now kitsch and almost vintage...I love it!

These are some small oil paintings I have been buying whenever I see them. I like the way they look in a group.

I removed one of those useless kitchen desks from my kitchen and replaced it with these shelves I made from 100 year old barn wood I got at an architectural salvage store (I put a tinted wax on them to prevent splinters). I had these grat Italian platters that I hung behind my every day dishes to give some interest.

What do you have around your house that is art worthy?


  1. I still have my tree to Kev! You have so many good ideas!!

  2. Hey there, I was searching for Chris Palmer on the Web and stumbled upon you! I just got three prints from Chris back from the framer. I asked for a floating T-hinge effect. Great idea for that tiny one.